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Your favourite PolUK memories
Please feel free to share your memories!
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I have so many...

"rip pope" will always be a classic; the Reform Party with Keynes and Ed. Chairing the pro-AV+ referendum as Roslyn Davidson, and then manoeuvring as Michael Kirton after Labour won a minority to get her appointed Speaker, taking away a seat from the gov't. 

The Dan-Me-Morgan trifecta in the LibDem government was also fun. Being an Av during the Diana Edwards government.


I always intended this round to be my last, and I was grateful to my dear friends in the Labour Party this round who elected me leader and let me have the privilege of being PolUK PM once before I left. There are too many friends to name, but Ed (Jedward), our strategising was always fun. Marty, we were often after each other but you were an incredible partner this round. Morgan, the partner in all my PolUK crimes. Mac, you leaked like a sieve and I always fed you wrong info to see how quick it would get back to me (it always did, and always from Ed). 

I'll be around in the chat room. Y'all crazy and I love you.  Heart
Rt. Hon. Agnes Hamstead
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1992 - Present)
Labour | Copeland (1987 - Present)
Thanks given by: Edward
You must excuse that show I put on in chat tonight, I was unsettlingly upset at the news. Probably because like Ian, I've spent years of my life on here. Apart from him and maybe Steve and definitely Burnie, I don't think there's any present part of the community that has had so long to form an irrational attachment to this crazy little game and community as me.

Means I've also got a lot of memories. I honestly wonder sometimes whether the game hasn't taught me more about politics than 5 years of political science.

My best round was definitely the first round I led a party, which was the '17-'18 round. The sheer amount of PolUK memes generated during that round (BritRail's legality, EmiLove, Rhubarb Rhubarb, that asshole Kirton) is a testament to that one's memorability. I led the best team ever during that round and met some great people (my buddy Sinan first and foremost). Not to mention all the Thick of It quotes that were going on in the leadership chat.

A selection of my favourite memories:
- My very first election night in which the Tories swept away the 1997 majority under the leadership of Randy English.
- That LibDem resignation story that had a sex scandal with David Owen and Ian promised a prize to people who guessed all the train references. Also classics like Tray N.
- The biggest fuckup in A-team history, Egyptgate.
- The by-election campaign I masterminded for the Tories which used cherrypicked economic statistics. In the same round, I also managed to obfuscate a reversal of the boundary review/gerrymandering suspension by couching it into language so technical it took the opposition a while before they figured out what I was announcing.
- The time we as the A-team portrayed a scandalously homophobic press reaction to Sean Manning as the UK's first openly gay PM.
- The feeling in Live PMQs when people around you are full-on heckling. It's really close to what I imagine the real deal feels like for those participating in it.
- The way EmiLove tanked. In my mind's eye, it was a Thick of It-esque situation in which the PR people tried to distract attention by... nationalising the railways.
- That election night Sinan and I watched together in Notts because I happened to be in town.

There's so much more, and ask me again tomorrow and you'll probably get a different compilation. But that's what comes to mind now.

I'd like to thank a few people. Ian, for paying for all this, and for believing in PolUK to the extent he has. Sinan, the first PolUKer I met in real life and probably the best among the friends I made here. Josh, for finally reconciling that childish feud and forming a strong team this round. Everyone I've played with in general.
The Right Honourable James Mercer MP | Labour
MP for Sedgefield (1983-present)
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1992-present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Education (1988-1992)

"And getting our politics right means that in the attacks we make on Toryism, in the policies we put to the people, in the way we conduct ourselves as a Party inside and outside Parliament, we have to have a constant, unremitting, unswerving dedication to defeating the Tories. From time to time I have heard that view described as 'electoralism'. I plead guilty."
- Neil Kinnock to the PLP
My awkward encounter with Enoch Powell in the 1970s round, along with being the only active Tory to support Ted Heath.
Nicholas Wandsworth
Leader of the Opposition (1992-)
Member of Parliament for North Wiltshire (1983-)

Conservative and Unionist Party - Conservative Way Forward

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After a meeting tonight with a former PM from PolUK, we thought that if this is really it for PolUK then maybe we ought to arrange farewell drinks to toast the game. We are looking at February in the Red Lion which we think is the nearest pub to the Houses of Parliament. More details to follow but please let me know if you’re interested.

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Thanks given by: Richard De Villiers (CON)

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