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Hey Hello, my brain is blocking everything in your life my friends very scared that state with me about the error and dash help thank god it take too long getting a Model officer tension there in no time my friend long way even be even worse hospital and Intensive Care and had undergone two different surgeries astrologist for so much world and women really nasty turn myself on the night again you visit hearing experience and nothing my pencil se Dekhen so me state the Hasbro for wall longer all my time Lync while you my bed whatsApp physical therapy doctors my friends and family get me the do anything but 17 Sal me all the on the darkness explain that I would have to leave the rest of my life with only one my MLM something so expensive my life be like from then on everything is over.

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I would universal my doctors in all my friends and family get me the do anything but set all the wrong to decrease explain that I would have to leave the rest of my life with anyone my what get a metal and my sexy girl and dad did have the money to 4th something so expensive now freak devastated my life be like from then on I thought everything is over I would be able you know like walking running playing outdoor is like any other kid driver night 2016 weather coaching theory book became normal anyone I realise I get to be my old self and do everything I used to love help me when I need it move around great father and Model live in marriage experience can I get to enjoy life to its fullest how is going where my stronics not taking anything for granted might happen in the future so enjoy every single day to the fullest present Carpe diem last day on Earth for watching experience you manage to overcome the comments don't forget to subscribe and check out the other areas on the channel term insurance 2 years old and today I never realise I was morbidly obese when I was younger Amazon services market wishes and unhealthy meals in a habit to give up on every single day with price use of again strengthening war and its and all the time is Siri drinks any number.
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I wanted to Ud To Ud and more food had more than a salary month waste mounting pad for I mean it would happen at half day and more alphabet I am put my bike but I didn't think the mind I've been out how is also can imagine how much time we got in my side I was too young to be that that where are you just shut the door tried everything to make me understand that is not healthy living thing me how people didn't emiways Pavithram tension Agar me what I wanted to take care almost every night and I was so happy when the teacher then dad shark games enjoy swimming jogging I would never show any interest I just wrote my eyes and told them I would rather go back home in has watch but I have the best intentions are hard to anything I wanted earring I was thinking about interested talk to me unexplained having Sachin unhealthy diet could be the big problems in the future sunrisers Truck Driver here call back 10 I was young in cricket match.

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