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European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019
Mr Speaker, I leg leave to present the following legislation, the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019.
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah

Second reading (24hrs per TTM 3)
Mr. Speaker,

I rise this evening, not as the Prime Minister, or as the Leader of the Conservative Party, but simply as an MP cognizant of his duty to his constituents. I rise tonight, as the clock ticks ever faster towards a pivotal moment in our country's history, filled with a sense of responsibility. Responsibility to see the people's work through, and to do everything in my power to stop those who seek to stifle it.

Let me begin by identifying this legislation for what it is: an unmitigated, disastrous, defeatist surrender. It is, Mr. Speaker, the Surrender Bill.

I say that not in hyperbole, but because it is an objective and accurate depiction of what this legislation amounts to. It surrenders our best defense against a bad deal: the ability to accept no deal at all. Because, Mr. Speaker, if Parliament binds the hands of the Government, in fact the hands of the nation, while we are the negotiating table, we send the signal to the European Union that any conditions they have must be met. We admit that any deal they offer us must be taken, because the Government is physically incapable of moving forward without a deal. It takes all of the leverage we have off the table, and robs the people of a proper Brexit. 

And let's be clear, Mr. Speaker, the Labour Leader never cared about achieving a proper Brexit in the first place. She didn't campaign for it, and she doesn't believe in it. As recently as yesterday, she was aggressively advocating for a second referendum, in which she would undoubtedly seek to cancel the 2016 referendum and block Brexit altogether. So no, Mr. Speaker, this legislation does not amount to a genuine attempt to ensure a good Withdrawal Agreement for the British people. It is simply another attempt, in a long line of attempts, to ignore the will of the people and ensure Brexit never happens. 

Because quite frankly, Mr. Speaker, this legislation is the best way to ensure Brexit never happens. I've seen many Opposition MPs, from those in Labour to the Liberal Democrats, aggressively argue that keeping no deal on the table does not enhance Britain's bargaining power. They are flat our wrong. The deal we have been able to achieve this evening is a testament to what happens when the leverage of no deal remains at our country's disposal. The historic agreement that resulted in the EU doing what they said they'd never do, reopen the Withdrawal Agreement, happened because the Europeans knew we could leave without a deal. It didn't happen as a result of further delay. It didn't happen because Labour got their way and bound the Government's hands at the negotiating table. And it certainly didn't happen because Parliament legislated for a second referendum. It happened because the EU knew we could walk away with no deal at all, and accordingly they sought to make us a deal the British people could accept. 

Very soon, that new agreement between The United Kingdom and the European Union will be presented to the House of Commons for passage. The deal that the Opposition claims to desperately want is nearly before them, yet they press on with their attempts to extend, delay, and kick the can. If Labour and their Opposition partners were truly interested in achieving a good deal for the British people, in getting Brexit done, they would withdraw this legislation and join us in passing our new deal. A deal that honors the people's vote in 2016, that ensures we leave the EU as one country on March 29, and that guarantees that we regain control over our trade policy and our borders on day one. 

That is the choice before this Parliament. We can sentence this country to a future of more delay, more uncertainty, and more division. Or, we can pass the Government's deal, allow our country move forward, and once and for all prove that Parliament is a place where the people's work is done. Tonight, I come to you merely as the Member of Parliament for North Dorset, eager to do his duty. I pray that my colleagues on all sides of the House will do the same. I pray that you will rise to meet the moment, put country over party, reject this legislation and the defeatist mindset it represents and commit to embracing Britain's future outside of the EU by backing the deal we have achieved. We all have a choice to make, and I choose to side with the people.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
Mr Speaker,

Once again the Prime Minister rises to slam his fists around and complain. Why, Mr Speaker, this is almost like his tantrum on national television that was uniformly criticised by the press. Alas, Mr Speaker, I shall try to respond to the Prime Minister's very limited points.

Mr Speaker - this is not, this absolutely is not, a surrender bill. The Prime Minister claims it is - but the reality is that this House lacks confidence in the Prime Minister's approach. He claims he needs the threat of no deal. The European Union already knows that this House rejects no deal. That notion is as silly as the Prime Minister's tantrum.

The Prime Minister claims to know my position on Britain leaving the European Union - he doesn't. I believe that Britain can get a far better deal than any deal the Prime Minister negotiates. And I believe that only a Labour government - not this failed Tory Government - will achieve that. And I think the Prime Minister knows that I'm right.

This bill is essential to stop the Prime Minister from forcing us all to jump off a cliff of his own creation. This is not about democracy. This is not about a no win, no deal Brexit that nobody voted for. It's about ensuring the Prime Minister actually does his job and gets a deal that all parties can agree to. And to do that, he'll have to stop viewing everyone that isn't his own reflection as the enemy and get to work.

And, Mr Speaker, now that the Prime Minister's much vaunted agreement no longer exists, this bill is even more important than ever. There is no deal for us to pass. No longer can the Prime Minister hide behind an agreement that doesn't exist. He must agree to an extension of the deadline.
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah
Mr Speaker,
I rise in the House today following the most recent news that the Irish Government has collapsed and that they will not - at this stage - approve the deal that the Government has achieved at the next meeting of the European Council. This, Mr Speaker, puts us on a collision course with no deal and that is something, that I do not support. 
Unlike some of my longtime colleagues in this House, especially on these benches, who have had their whip withdrawn, I have kept quiet on this issue because I have entrusted the Government to get a good deal for Britain. No deal is something that I cannot abide by, we cannot allow our political and economic futures to be thrown up in the air in some malignant gamble which could only serve to undo the good work that this Conservative Government and indeed the ones before it, have done in ensuring the prosperity of the peoples of the United Kingdom.

Sadly, I do not think that is possible now due to the situation across the Irish Sea. That leaves us with this piece of legislation on the table Mr Speaker, which would extend the timeframe for leaving the European Union and allow for more time to secure a deal - something which I am highly supportive of. I stand before the whole House now Mr Speaker, and I implore the Prime Minister to go back to Brussels and get that extension so we can secure more time to get a deal so that we can secure and protect the future of our country.

While yet, Mr Speaker, I do not think putting the Government in cuffs over the issue of securing an extension is the right thing to do, as it will significantly weaken our position - it might be something that this House must consider if he does not listen to the calls and do the right thing. I understand that might not go down too well with the Government or indeed some of my colleagues on this benches, but I owe it to my party, constituency and to the House to make my intentions and opinions known on the matter. 
Michael Marshall | Conservative MP | Surrey Heath | Media Darling | Campaign Guru
Mr. Speaker,

As debate on this legislation is coming to a close- and as it is clear there the only "deal" that we can accept within the current deadline is no deal- with all the economic costs that is going to have on British companies, workers, and families, we absolutely must pass this bill. My colleague, the honourable Member for Surrey Heath, lays out plain why. We need to have a deal for the benefit of this country. I understand feelings may be hurt and there are those who are disappointed at the EU's failure to approve the deal that the Prime Minister put together.

But we cannot and should not let this disappointment craft and guide policy. We cannot use "no deal" as revenge or as some sort of cudgel to say "well you didn't accept what I offered before so forget dealing." To do so would put a dark and long shadow over future attempts of the UK to negotiate trade arrangements with new countries. We can hardly be seen as acting in good faith ever if we take our ball and go home at this point.

Billions of pounds in wages are at stake. Jobs, investments, education, access to medicines and food... all of this is a known and almost over-documented impact of a no deal solution. Even previous Conservative Governments have admitted to and provided proof of this. Charging into a no deal Brexit while knowing all of this would do a great disservice to this country and it is not something ANY of us should live with.
Ethan Richland MP 
MP for West Bromwich West (2015-) | Labour
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2019-)
Media Unknown Constituency Appeal | Campaigning Guru

Daniel Brown
Conservative MP for Bosworth
Shadow Home Secretary
Traits: Constituency Appeal (+)/Media Darling (+)/Campaigning Guru (+)/Finite Resources (-)
Calum Wilson MP
Conservative Party
Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Conservative Party
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence (2019) 
Shadow Justice Secretary (2019-2020)
MP for Perth and North Perthshire

Media Darling, Constituency Appeal, Maverick
Rt. Hon. Andrew Summer MP - Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks (2010 - Present)

Shadow Culture Secretary (January 2020 - Present)
-Former: Security Minister / Shadow Home Secretary
Fundraising Extraordinaire (+) / Campaigning Guru (+) / Media Unknown (-)

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