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Gender-based Pricing (Prohibition) Act 2019
Mr Speaker,

I rise in support the bill that my Right Honourable friend has so eloquently introduced to the House today. It is encouraging that a coalition which shares the principles of fairness and equality should introduce a bill to offer additional protections for consumers and should put into law what I would think most of us would consider commons sense - that one shouldn't have to pay more for being a woman.

Mr Speaker, firstly I want to speak as to the evidence. I am sure I was not alone in being really quite astounded, Mr Speaker, that women could be expected to pay up to £200 more than a man for the same products. I am sure, Mr Speaker, that if we were talking about specialised products, or products that were somehow enhanced or unique it would go some way to quell concerns. Or that this only happened on pricier, more expensive products; luxury items only affecting the well-off paying a bit more. But we're not. We are talking about working women paying £200 more for substantially the same basic products as men. I found that astounding.

Mr Speaker, I think the one thing I want to reiterate to the House is that this bill is not just about banning things or whether a woman could, in theory, simply buy a product marketed at a man. Of course they could. But why should they? Why should somebody have to go out of their way to find a product aimed at a different gender, a product that is substantially the same, simply because a marketeer somewhere in an office decided they could squeeze a few extra quid out of women? Why should they have to into the men's section just to save a few pence on basic products that are the same in all but aesthetic? They shouldn't. That is common decency.

Mr Speaker, I have been perplexed at the Conservative reaction to this bill. Their excuses for not supporting it have been ranged and varied. They've complained that this is just a matter of, and I cannot believe I am saying this in the House of Commons, fruity shampoos or colour choices. Although, what Mr Speaker, the Right Honourable Gentleman from Old Bexley and Sidcup considers to be a female or male colour, I'm not too clear. Some of them have complained it's a matter of economics; that the market would be devastated by such a change. I find it hard to believe, Mr Speaker, that in today's world, our economy cannot handle a new consumer protection law.

Mr Speaker, some members of the chamber, no less than the Leader of the Opposition himself, in the Press Room of course so absent from the Chamber as he is these days, even suggested they oppose it because we didn't reach out to them to discuss it first. How thin one's skin must be, Mr Speaker, for an ego to be so easily bruised.

Mr Speaker, this really does come down to economics in a way. It comes to what one sees the role of the state to be in guiding the market. Mr Speaker, most reasonable, moderate people in this country would agree that the Government is right to protect consumers from their gender costing them an extra £200 a year. It's common sense and common decency and it should not be as controversial as the Tories are trying to make it.
James 'Jim' Kennedy MP
Home Secretary
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
MP for Wansbeck (2010-) | Labour and Cooperative
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Grant Smith
Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West (2005-present)

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Previously: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon; Graham Adiputera; I think I played some dull Labour bloke at one point
The Rt. Hon. Sir James C. McCrimmon OBE
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Chairman of the Labour Party (2019-present)
Secretary of State for Transport and Infrastructure (2019-present)

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William West MP - Conservative Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
MP for Ribble Valley (2015 - )
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah
James Arnold MP
Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside (May 2015-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (June 2016-August 2018)
Soft Brexiteer

Constituency Appeal/Backbench Favourite/Finite Resources
Tommy Dawson
Labour MP for Sheffield Brightside (1979-Present)
Socialist Campaign Group.
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Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

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Joseph "Joe" Quinn MP (LAB) 
Member for Birmingham Ladywood (2010-)
Secretary of State for Defence

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