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General Press Cycle - Nathan - 01-25-2018

For players to make comments to the press about whatever issue they choose that does not already have its own press cycle. 

Remember to make the tagline of your statement - the bit you want the press to pay particular attention to - in bold

This thread will be permanently open, with press marked weekly.

RE: General Press Cycle - Gus Quigley - 01-29-2018

One has to wonder: where did Rebecca Flair read any allegations about the Conservative Party? She hardly seems the type to read the Express, and even if she did, that's mere speculation that was excellently refuted by my colleague Ms Wilson. It's way short of allegation material. Unsubstantiated claims like these are deeply damaging to trust in politics. While that may be good in the short run for somebody who likes to play the populist outsider role like Mrs Flair so clearly does, it is very bad for Britain in the long run. If she wants to build a new and better politics, she should stop playing political games.

RE: General Press Cycle - James Allen - 01-29-2018

Rebecca Flair says the Euro is a fantastic opportunity, what she didn’t tell you is that British Retailers would have to pay to make the changes that were needed to adopt the Euro, changes such as training staff and changing tills. The Liberal Democrats are quite happy to rush in without any thought to the long term economic impact on this country, they simply cannot be trusted and Rebecca Flair is well out of her depth. 

RE: General Press Cycle - Harriet Roth - 01-30-2018

Congratulations to Harri Pollitt for securing the highest vote for a Socialist leadership candidate in two decades. It is abundantly clear that left of the Labour Party is experiencing a revival. It turns out that when faced with the Tory lite politics of the right wing, many would prefer a return to our roots. I'm happy to be a vocal advocate for peace, prosperity and putting people before politics.

RE: General Press Cycle - James Allen - 01-31-2018

I want to thank Conservative Party MP's and members for electing me as Leader, I also want to thank Ms Grey and Mr Summer for the very civilised and decent way in which the campaign was conducted. I am proud of the talent we have in our party.

Today is the first step for the Conservatives on the road back to Government. The Conservative Party will outline it's vision for the country and present a real, credible alternative to a Labour Party who have shown they are truly divided over their bitter leadership contest, we will hold this Labour Government to account.

RE: General Press Cycle - Genie Lacroix - 01-31-2018

Pleased to see Harold Saxon has won the leadership contest and election, Not the perfect candidate as far as I am concerned but it could have been much much worse. As a party, we must now get to work quickly to ensure we are in a good place to be the next government.

It's a Long journey and road ahead but I am sure we will get there. With all the great talent that we have in this party.

RE: General Press Cycle - Peter Edgecomb - 01-31-2018

Although I had endorsed Andrew Summer for leader of the Conservative party, the party spoken loudly, and Sir Harold Saxon has earned a clear mandate as leader of our party and caucus. Today is the day we begin the process to form government again and repair the years of damage that a Labour government has sustained. I look forward to working with Sir Harold and I am confident he will be Britain's next Prime Minister.

RE: General Press Cycle - Rebecca Flair - 01-31-2018

On the one hand we have a publicly divided Labour Party in Government where the individual who came second for the leadership can barely stand to look the newly elected leader in the eye, let alone serve constructively. On the other hand we have a Tory Party divided against itself because some of them want to stop homophobic discrimination, but a lot of them do not. Frankly neither party is in any fit state to govern at the present time, the British people deserve better and if the status quo can't deliver then the Liberal Democrats can.

RE: General Press Cycle - Sean Manning - 02-01-2018

I am delighted to have been asked by the Prime Minister to serve in her cabinet as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Smith and Brown have a tremendous economic legacy to be proud of - a record budget surplus, low inflation and interest rates, virtually eliminating long-term youth unemployment. It's a stark contrast to the 15% interest rates, mass unemployment, and hundreds of billions of pounds of debt that was the Tory legacy. The job now is to take forward that legacy and to build on it - to keep our economy growing and stable, to improve productivity and living standards, to invest in our public services, to make sure growth continues to benefit everyone, and to put our economy on a sustainable, environmentally friendly path.

RE: General Press Cycle - Francis Paris - 02-01-2018

I’m thankful to Sir Harold for giving me the Energy, Environment and Agriculture shadow portfolio. We Conservatives have a big task ahead of us, in holding this Labour Government accountable, especially regarding these vital and economically momentous sectors and issues. Rest assured that I will be open to suggestions and advice from my fellow members of the Opposition. Know this – we on the frontbenches, and in the Parliamentary Party will be working together to not let this Labour Government get away with any woolly nonsense, on anything whatsoever!

RE: General Press Cycle - Scott Webster - 02-01-2018

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. My good friend Sir Harold Saxon has assemble one of the most capable Shadow Governments this country has seen in a very long time. He made sure that all factions were included in this Cabinet and that we are all qualified for our roles and responsibilities. The Party is united behind this Cabinet, for the party sees that: we are prepared to go into the next election and deliver a strong Conservative mandate. With this Shadow Government, the current Government’s days are numbered.

RE: General Press Cycle - Harriet Roth - 02-01-2018

While I congratulate Mr. Manning on his appointment and look forward to seeing his proposals, I cannot imagine a record budget surplus would be a point of pride for a Labour Chancellor when roughly 1 in 4 children live in poverty. Perhaps it is the Socialist in me, but it is a damning feature of our drift to the right that we are more concerned about balance sheets than breadlines. We need to use all of the economic tools at our disposal to eliminate poverty, generate wealth, create opportunity and achieve a just and fair society.

RE: General Press Cycle - Peter Edgecomb - 02-01-2018

Britain can rest soundly knowing that this Labour government is being held to account by one of the most capable and talented Shadow Governments in the history of our dear parliament. The Conservative party has a sound front bench that is composed of members of all wings and factions. Each member brings their unique perspectives and abilities to the table. With Sir Harold Saxon at the helm, marshalling the work of the Shadow Government and protecting Briton's from Labour's expensive and economically unsound policies, we can sustain hope for our future.

RE: General Press Cycle - Sir Jonathan Horncastle - 02-01-2018

I am honored to have been named by Sir Saxon as Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party and Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Opposition to present a unified agenda of growth for Britain.

RE: General Press Cycle - Henry Stanbrook - 02-01-2018

Few hours ago I've been asked to take a position of Health and Social Welfare Secretary. I accept this appointment with honour and privilege. My priority as the Shadow Secretary is belong to build a sustainable, effective health and social welfare system. We'll invest money on those who are really in need of help, while we will cut money on wasteful part. Therefore we will make our health and social welfare system really work. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Shadow Cabinet in any time.

RE: General Press Cycle - Charles Trenython - 02-01-2018

Honoured to be asked to continue my work in the Ministry of Defence by being appointed as the Secretary of State. Thankfully, I won't have much settling in to do as I've already been at the Ministry since 1997. I look forward to making sure the military in this country is properly equipped to ensure that if called upon, the United Kingdom can properly defend itself and its allies. As a former serviceman myself, I will make sure everyone in our armed forces has a voice.

RE: General Press Cycle - Joseph Flanagan - 02-01-2018

I would like to congratulate on Elizabeth Tanner on becoming the first elected female leader of the Labour Party. It is my hope that my fellow members of the Labour party can put behind them any ugliness of the contest and look to the future working together in comradely solidarity for Britain and the good of the party.

I am humbled to be appointed to cabinet as Secretary of State for Infrastructure and Transport.  It is my aim to work for an integrated and safe transport system that is reliable and modern and improve and renew our nation's aging Infrastructure. It is time to be bold and time to create the Best Britain possible.

RE: General Press Cycle - Eric Landry - 02-01-2018

Very happy to have supported Elizabeth Tanner in her campaign to become the first female Leader of the Labour Party and Prime Minister of Britain. Since the conclusion of our Leadership the people can see that the Labour Party is united, strong and focused on making life better for everyone in Britain.

I am honoured to have been asked by the Prime Minister to service in her Cabinet as the Secretary of State for Health. It is a large job, but one that I am excited to tackle. My focus as Secretary of State will be to ensure that Britain is the healthiest country in Europe.

RE: General Press Cycle - Solomon Trevitt - 02-01-2018

I am honoured, and humbled, to be appointed as Secretary of State for Education by Prime Minister Tanner. It is clear to me, and the Prime Minister, that education is at the forefront of the reform this Labour Government needs to spearhead to undo the damage from 18 years of Tory misadministration. The Prime Minister herself acknowledge the need to ensure every child has the best start possible in life by rolling out the Sure Start Centre programme wider. The improved learning and future of our children should be the first and last consideration of any action, or legislation, from the Department of Education during this Government. 

RE: General Press Cycle - George Savage - 02-01-2018

I am proud that Harold Saxon has been elected to lead the Conservative Party. There's work to do to show Britain a better alternative and I am confident that Harold Saxon is the right man to present that alternative and forge a path for the Conservative Party and for Britain to a brighter and better future.