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RE: General Press Cycle - Angela Harvey - 05-29-2018

Not sure if hereditary peers are a necessary defence against partisam politics when the lion share of them are party political Tory cronies. But what they certainly defend Britain from is the democratic will of the British people to exercise British sovereignty. In 21st century Britain, there's two only types of politicians: forward-looking stetesmen and women, and true Tory backbenchers hoping to turn the clock back to the days of rule by birthright. The Government is clearly committed to abolishing the House of Lords and once and for all, and bringing about a democratically elected Senate of the Regions and Nations.

RE: General Press Cycle - Dr. Evelyn Lynwood - 05-30-2018

The decision by Liberal Democrat Leader Flair to abandon a party policy that has been the backbone of her party's beliefs for generations demonstrates just how willing the Lib Dems are to abandon their principles when it seems convenient. If their own party members cannot trust their leadership to stand up for what their party has supported for a century how can the British Public trust them with anything.

RE: General Press Cycle - Richard De Villiers - 05-30-2018

The Guardian's most recent headline is very telling of this government: it reads "Government pledges action to meet child poverty pledge." The Labour government are masters at pledging to meet goals, but they ultimately fail to deliver on their promises because they don't back it up with action. The British public are becoming increasingly tired of all-talk, no-walk government and that is being reflected even in the reporting of the most Labour-partisan paper on the market. 

RE: General Press Cycle - Terry Roberts - 05-30-2018

I certainly find it amusing that while politicians such as the Liberal leader want to remodel whole institutions of our government in their mould, they can't even keep their own house organised. Flair's worst enemy on reform is her own party, simply put. Much like she prefers to completely change the upper chamber without peoples' say in the matter, she's just as willing to scrap longstanding policies and principles against the will of her own party and rebuke of her predecessor.

RE: General Press Cycle - Agnes Hamstead - 05-30-2018

Labour and the Liberal Democrats want to tinker with democratic institutions, thinking they know better than the people. Well, the chickens have come home to roost after Ms. Flair was called out by her former leader for abandoning the principles of the Liberal Democrats. This is the problem with constitutional tinkering: nobody can agree; seemingly, LibDems can't even agree with themselves. Any change made to our fundamental institutions needs the input of the people. The only way to do that is to present a clear referendum question, and it is high time the government do just that.