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RE: General Press Cycle - Philip Porter - 02-02-2018

I am extraordinarily pleased to be joining the Conservative Shadow Cabinet under Sir Harold Saxon. Time and time again Sir Harold has shown his unswerving dedication towards offering a fresh, Conservative view in order to build a better future. With him at the helm I know that we will hold the current Labour Government accountable and put ourselves back in Downing Street after the next election. 

RE: General Press Cycle - Nathan - 02-03-2018

General Press Cycle, Week 1: Leadership Stuff and Lib-Con Sour Grapes
Labour: 16
Your contributions here weren’t bad, but the troops weren’t rallied as effectively as the Tories had managed to the chimes of being happy with your Dear Leader (though looking at Tanner’s mandate – and that should’ve been a talking point – it should be clear to the public that the PLP, by and large, are).
Pollitt’s joining the Cabinet and support for Tanner makes you look particularly united – but on the other half of the SCG flipcoin you have Harriet Roth, who clearly is not afraid to make her voice known.
This will also be said to the Tories but beyond the unity display, there’s very little to gain in saying how happy you are to have a job. Your salary just increased and you get to have a route to make some of the changes you really want to make in a department I assume you care about – I’d be a little chuffed too. Make sure to outline what policies and priorities you’ll have. The public see through jargon like giving people a voice or wanting to be fair and give out unicorns: solid policy or direction would be much better, like how the Chancellor and Education Sec outlined. TL;DR – this round needed a pinch more style and substance.
Conservative: 18
Where the Tories were strong, and what allowed them to win this general press round, was the fact they did come out in a media pack in full force. To politicos and journalists it probably looks funny and weird to see so many people come out at once to declare their devotion to Supreme Leader Saxon – but the public’s brief glimpses just mean they see unity and stability, something they’re not used to seeing with the Tory party (and something the Tories needed after that rather mean leak). If the Tories’ near totally united front had shown substance and direction, it wouldn’t have been a small victory but a really significant one.
As I said with Labour, remember that while it did give you a sense of strength in numbers, there is very little to be gained from saying you’re happy to be given a new job. You got a shiny promotion – we know you’re happy.
Where your statements did seem to have more substance were your attacks on the Liberal Democrats. The economic ones particularly resonated with the public, though they needed much more fleshing out.
Liberal Democrats: 16
Right now, however true it is, the Labour and Tory parties’ contests have appeared in the public eye to have reopened old wounds. Flair seems to slowly be finding her voice and her claws, and this round she only scratched once but she scratched well: after parties have briefed against each other repeatedly, despite the new smiley front they seem to be putting on, only the Liberal Democrats can claim a totally unified front despite their much slimmer race. Your chance to kill two birds with one stone was arguably easy, but you seized it anyway.
Influence Points Awarded to:
Harriet Roth: “While I congratulate Mr. Manning on his appointment and look forward to seeing his proposals, I cannot imagine a record budget surplus would be a point of pride for a Labour Chancellor when roughly 1 in 4 children live in poverty.” Well, owch. This is not good for the party, but it is good for Harriet – you have a way of making socialist rhetoric translate to cynical voters who may not have any particular ideology beyond cynicism, and with Pollitt nestled up in Whitehall the British left will be hungry for another firebrand. Harriet Roth looks like she’s happy to be that person. Sadly, this statement is not good for your party or Chancellor.
Sean Manning: “The job now is to take forward that legacy and to build on it – to keep our economy growing and stable, to improve productivity and living standards, to invest in our public services, to make sure growth continues to benefit everyone, and to put our economy on a sustainable, environmentally friendly path” Manning has given a few popular statements to the press, and despite resonating strikes against him by members of his own party he continues to be seen as a nice, safe pair of hands. This statement epitomises why that is the case, as he begins to set out policy directions to the public.
Rebecca Flair: “Frankly neither party is in a state to govern at the present time, the British people deserve better and if the status quo can’t deliver then the Liberal Democrats can.” See Liberal Democrat section.
I have a bad feeling this isn’t going to be the last time I’m going say this, but remember to bold the tagline of your statement. That’s tagline, singular. There were a lot of contributions I enjoyed that had no tagline at all or had multiple. Think of the tagline as the bit you want the media to pay particular attention to – perhaps make a headline out of. And the press’ attention span is limited, so if you give them too much they’ll get bored and lose focus completely.
So say there’s a media press cycle on who is better – the Beatles or the Stones – it wouldn’t be:
“To me, it is clear The Beatles are the far superior band. The Rolling Stones have a few good songs, but they never showed the evolution and innovation the Beatles did. More importantly, have the Stones ever released an album like Sgt Pepper’s?”
“To me, it is clear The Beatles are the far superior band. The Rolling Stones have a few good songs, but they never showed the evolution and innovation the Beatles did. More importantly, have the Stones ever released an album like Sgt Pepper’s?
Just something like this will do:
“To me, it is clear The Beatles are the far superior band. The Rolling Stones have a few good songs, but they never showed the evolution and innovation the Beatles did. More importantly, have the Stones ever released an album like Sgt Pepper’s?”

RE: General Press Cycle - Henry Stanbrook - 02-04-2018

It is very concerned problem that our children are exposed to the chance of huge outbreak. The Labour government has been boasting the achievement in NHS, the huge deduction in NHS waiting time. However they could not save our children from the danger of exposing the outbreak such as measles, mumps and rubella. Health and Social Welfare Secretary must take heavy responsibility upon this vaccination disaster. I would also suggest authorities to take thorough investigation on this case and monitor the situation very carefully. 

RE: General Press Cycle - Rebecca Flair - 02-04-2018

Every day that Section 28 repeal languishes in the House of Lords is a day that the homosexual community, and our liberal nation more broadly, is being failed by both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Between these two parties there is a clear majority in the House of Lords which could be utilised to ensure the first step on the road to equality for the homosexual community. The current failure of the effort to repeal Section 28 is a failure squarely levied at the door of this and the previous Prime Ministers and their Labour Party who have been in power now for three years with no result. If the House of Lords is so undemocratic and unaccountable that it can continue to frustrate the will of the people and their democratically elected representatives then it is time for their Lordships to be made redundant and for there to be a fully elected upper Chamber.

RE: General Press Cycle - Sean Manning - 02-04-2018

The Employment Act that I have introduced today will mean that by 2005 we will have doubled the length of paid maternity leave that mothers can take, and introduced paid paternity leave for fathers for the very first time. It will also increase the maternity pay that women can claim, and support more small businesses with the costs - 60% of all employers will be fully compensated. Everyone deserves the chance to spend those precious early weeks and months bonding with and caring for their child - Labour in government is making that a reality for millions of parents.

RE: General Press Cycle - Harriet Roth - 02-06-2018

I am absolutely ecstatic that Danes have voted no to the Euro. Since 1975, I have been firmly opposed to Britain's ever closer union with Europe. Danes have seen the inherent danger in joining a monetary union and surrendering more control to Brussels. I hope this result will embolden eurosceptics in Britain and across Europe to organize, demonstrate and take action to oppose a monetary union and a stronger, more centralized bureaucratic superstate. Britons need to open their eyes to the fact that the European Union cares more about corporations and banks than it does workers and the slow siphoning away of our national sovereignty threatens our democracy and way of life.

RE: General Press Cycle - Russ Barley - 02-07-2018

"I find the news about the measles, mumps, and rubella epidemic extremely troubling. In the medical community, the safety of medicines, immunisations, and devices are constantly being tested by competent and trained scientists around the world. The MMR is no exception, and extensive testing has shown that any risks associated with the jab are very minuscule. The hyped-up study conducted by Dr Andrew Wakefield examined just 12 children; the results of this study do not justify the widespread choice to discontinue administering the MMR jab, as much more extensive testing must be done. I will keep myself abreast on the matter, but as far as I can tell, little if any effort has been made by Dr Wakefield or his colleagues to better follow up on the matter. Until further research can back up Dr Wakefield's claims that the MMR vaccine is responsible for the onset of autism, I would encourage all parents to continue obtaining the MMR vaccine for their children, trusting the scientific consensus that the tiny risks are enormously overshadowed by the enormous benefits. I'm curious to see how Her Majesty's Government will tackle this matter."

RE: General Press Cycle - Harriet Roth - 02-07-2018

My husband and I express our deepest sympathy and condolences to those impacted by the rail accident. Several people have lost their lives and many more are injured. We are hopeful for a speedy investigation to determine the cause of this accident and measures be taken to prevent future accidents. I also repeat the call of Socialists across Britain for the government to return rail to public ownership so that Britons may have affordable, safe, world class rail service that puts people before profit. 

RE: General Press Cycle - Rebecca Flair - 02-07-2018

Sure Start is a bold policy and the expansion of it is a great and noble policy objective, I am sure that many will congratulate Labour on it during the Budget season in the New Year. That being said why did the Secretary of State feel the need to unveil the expansion now before the House of Commons? He gave us no figures and only a couple of vague promises about where the money is going. It looks to me that the Labour Party sees the House of Commons as its own private spin room which is a notion that should be discouraged at every opportunity. The House of Commons is a place for legislation and Government Accountability, not for Labour politicians to chase career enhancement.

RE: General Press Cycle - Peter Edgecomb - 02-08-2018

The Chancellor believes that the issue of skyrocketing petrol has been put to bed because the Prime Minister has wielded the heavy hand of the state to end the refinery blockades. And yet, hard working Britons continue to pay the highest fuel prices in all of Europe. The Conservative party has called for an emergency budget so that the government and the House can adopt measures that will provide immediate relief for hard working Britons. This Labour government is so out of touch with ordinary people and unwilling to make tough decisions for the betterment of our country that they have literally done nothing to alleviate the burden of rising fuel prices-- it is time to retool the fuel levy with an emergency budget.

RE: General Press Cycle - James Allen - 02-08-2018

The train derailment which claimed the lives of four people and injured others was tragic, my thoughts and prayers go to the loved ones of those who lost their lives and those who have been affected by the crash. The authorities must be allowed to carry out their investigation into what happened.  I would like to thank the emergency services for their hard work as well as the hospital staff who have treated those who have been caught up in the accident.

I think at this time it is inappropriate for politicians to comment on the future of the railway network so soon after the accident, we should be thinking of those who have lost their lives and our thoughts should be with their families. 

RE: General Press Cycle - James Allen - 02-09-2018

This Government sought emergency powers to end the last protests. Campaigners for a reduction in fuel duty have announced a new round of protests. The people's fuel lobby are protesting because this Government has failed to take any action to reduce fuel duty. Due to the Government's incompetence the country now faces more protests and congestion on our roads, the Government needs to take immediate action by calling an emergency budget.

RE: General Press Cycle - Peter Edgecomb - 02-10-2018

We been through all of the stages of a toddler temper tantrum with this Labour government on the issue of incredibly high fuel prices. At first they bemoaned the fact that people were protesting because their struggle is real. Next this dragged their feet on the issue and then suddenly and swiftly applied the heavy hand of the state to end the protests. And without altering the price of fuel, the highest in Europe, they claimed victory. And now in the face of more protests and organizing from hard working Britons pushed to the brink, they refuse to bring down an emergency budget to actually solve the issue. There is only one explanation for why the Labour government has not brought down an emergency budget and reduced the fuel levy; because they know it will become glaringly obvious that they have resisted the best solution to the problem because of their inability to govern and making tough decisions. It's time for Labour to put their ego in the backseat and finally take action for hard working Britons to lower the price of fuel by brining down an emergency budget.

RE: General Press Cycle - Rebecca Flair - 02-10-2018

Education is the great equaliser and the great creator of employment, by properly educating our young people we can ensure that Britain remains competitive into the new century and that jobs flow into our great nation. This is the way to ensure full employment, not the Chancellor's apparent return to the 1970s with an explicit commitment to full employment presumably through the application of fiscal policy. The Liberal Democrats have a plan to increase education funding at all stages of childhood including a commitment to triple pre-school funding and provide children aged 3 to 5 with 30hrs of free tuition a week. Education is the best way to set up our future generations for full employment, not ramping up spending plans that would already have seen our surplus gone by 2003 as the Labour Party seem keen to do.

RE: General Press Cycle - Sean Manning - 02-10-2018

The Tories have become a national disgrace with their calls for an emergency Budget. They are all but calling for further protests and blockades of fuel supplies - blockades that threatened services only months ago. The Tories seem to realise that they are so far from being a viable alternative Government that they need to incite civil disobedience in order to force the government to change its policy. In doing so they are setting a dangerous precedent - Kinnock supported Thatcher against poll tax rioters in the 90s and illegal miners' pickets in the 80s; Thatcher supported Callaghan against illegal pickets in the 70s. Harold Saxon is betraying the legacy and convention of his party's and his country's leaders and inciting further protests and blockades in order to score political points - he needs to stand down now, call for a de-escalation of the situation, and move on to other business. However Harold Saxon chooses to proceed, the Government will continue to work on behalf of, and listen to all of, the British people - and not just the minority willing to blockade the rest of the country's fuel supplies.

RE: General Press Cycle - James Allen - 02-10-2018

This Labour Government are so out of touch with society. The British people are angry, that is why they are protesting. This Conservative Party is not inciting civil disobedience, we are not forming a revolution, we are not even leading a coup to oust the Government before this joke of a Chancellor even suggests it. This fear-mongering from this failing Government is totally ridiculous. 

What the Conservative Party are doing is standing up for those who feel wronged by this Government who refuse to reduce fuel duty and lower fuel prices now. This failing Labour Government cannot continue on their current course of action, more emergency powers will only delay and make the situation worse which we have now seen in the form of more protests, we are heading towards total chaos unless the Government withdraws and calls an emergency budget.

RE: General Press Cycle - Sean Manning - 02-10-2018

The Leader of the Opposition needs to de-escalate the situation and get his facts straight before making alarmist statements to the press. A few facts:

First, emergency powers have expired and would only be re-instituted if fuel blockades started again.
Second, there are no further protests. Some hauliers have suggested additional protests, but there is no indication they will spread and the government is urging - as the opposition should - that further blockades would be counter-productive.
Third, there is no "total chaos": there are no ongoing protests and there will be no emergency Budget.

This is yet more evidence of Harold Saxon's irresponsible and misguided opposition: trying to escalate a situation that only weeks ago risked putting public services at risk. It is to quote the man himself, shameful and wrong. While Harold Saxon and his Tories turn into a protest party, Labour will continue to listen to everyones' concerns - whether it is on fuel prices, on hospitals, on schools, on poverty, or on housing. And we will act on everyones' behalf.

RE: General Press Cycle - Nicky Jardine - 02-10-2018

The cruel murder of Damilola Taylor further extols the need for Stop and Search to be rolled out in our crime ridden inner cities with all haste.

The refusal of the Government to accept responsibility for the shocking state of some London Boroughs is thoroughly misguided - it is imperative that we put an end to this 'gang culture' once and for all.

All my prayers are with the parents of this poor unfortunate boy, may he rest in peace and rise in glory.

RE: General Press Cycle - Peter Edgecomb - 02-10-2018

The Chancellor continues to cling to worn talking points during the debate for an emergency budget to solve the problem of skyrocketing fuel costs once and for all. The Chancellor has posed questions to the House regarding specifics of a fiscal policy to correct the government's contribution to the high cost of fuel-- not realizing that these are the very questions that the Conservative party would like to debate and settle within an emergency budget to solve the crisis. This Labour government is so caught up in not being caught in the wrong here that they are putting their own worn talking points and cheap political tricks over getting down to helping hard working Britons-- it's time for an emergency budget so that we can posit, debate and settle the very questions the Chancellor has begun-- finally-- to ask.

RE: General Press Cycle - Dame Oona Millar - 02-10-2018

I have every faith in the Chancellor to lead us through this moment of history. It is the responsibility of government, not to yield to ransom notes, written in letters or on lorries, but to steward the country through the easy and the tough of it. We are not blind to the concern at the pump: indeed, before these protests, it was this government that abolished the fuel duty escalator, making tax a smaller fraction of the price we pay at the pump than when the Tories were last in government. And yet, it is their party who are all too eager to incite these blockades. It is the height of irresponsibility from them. They are only making it clear how dangerous they would be in government: unremorsefully sacrificing the national interest for the opportunity to score political points. We will carry on with the work that must be done to keep progressing.