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Labour Deputy Leadership Election 1992
Speech 2hours- 4 hours left
Moray Mac Gill Fhaolain begins his campaign for deputy leader in his hometown of Aberdeen,

"I want to begin by thanking you all for coming out here today and say how honored I am to be joined by 2 other fantastic candidates in the Deputy Leader race as well as congratulating my friend Mrs.Hamstead for her victory in a hotly contested race. I'd also like to give my condolences to the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Kinnock. I knew Niel for many years served with him and supported him for leadership both times, and I must say that the country will miss both him and his wife whose revolutionary ideas gave Labour the government back for the first time in 13 years. And as Deputy Leader, it is my pledge to continue to fight for those values and ideas.

But first a bit about me, when I was a young lad I didn't have much my family were working class farmers who worked hard to provide for me and give me all I would need to succeed in my life, and it is because of them I was able to educate myself and be where I am now. I joined the Labour party in the mid-1950's as a young starry-eyed metal worker never dreaming I would be running for parliament at all never mind run for Deputy leader. After I was laid off I became fed up with the all talk and no action stance taken by many in the Labour and Tory parties and decided I wanted to make a change and be a politician who would actually help the people not just give them rhetic and empty promises. And since 1964 I have devoted myself to doing just that not just for Aberdeen North and Scottland but for the whole of the UK. 

As to why I am the best candidate, I am one of the longest-serving MPs in the commons and the longest serving of any members running for Leader or Deputy Leader I have sat in opposition and government benches, I have served both the shadow cabinet and regular cabinet and know how to get things done. Now that is not to say the other 2 are unfit, because quite frankly anyone we choose is better than a Tory in the same role.

Friends for 13 years now we have seen the tories split the country apart, neglect our rural communities inner cities and everywhere outside of England destroy our standing in Europe and destroy the middle class in favor of the top 10% and I will work tirelessly with Mrs.Hamstead to undo the legacy of destruction the Tories left for us. 

The first thing I'd advocate for is a resurgence of a strong union presence. Union's are the working man's ally against the rich hence why tories attempted to destroy them, we must we establish power to the unions, allow collective bargaining allow strikes without ballot papers, make it easier to unionize and punish greedy CEOs who attempt to prevent the unionization of their workers through fines and taxes.

Next, we need to make our economy fairer under the last Tory government the rich have received break after break after break while the middle and working class have received nothing but increases in their taxes whilst wages were stagnating. I will advocate for a top-down tax system re-instituting a 75% tax on the highest incomes while allowing the lowest 30% of incomes to become tax-free. I will also push for a minimum wage well above the poverty line so that people aren't working 3 or 4 jobs but are unable to feed themselves or their families.

We also have a huge mess to clean up in Europe. While I may not have been a fan of Mr.Major his policies and actions toward Europe were a huge step in rebuilding the relationships destroyed by Mrs.Thacthers dangerous levels of Euroscepticism and we must continue to build upon that something which I will make sure we do.

And finally, under the previous Tory government unless you lived in England they didn't care about you, let me rephrase unless you lived in a nice city portion of England the Tory government didn't care about you which is why they allowed infrastructure in Wales and Scotland to crumble and refused to deal with the IRA terrorists who would later kill Prime Minister Kinnock and his wife. That time is now at an end I will push to give Scotland and Wales and North Ireland money for infrastructure as well as helping the Prime Minister with dealing with and ending the IRA's reign of terror that our citizens need never fear again for their lives.

While we still have a lot of work to do I believe that with myself and Mrs.Hamstead at the helm of the party not only will we be able to rebuild the country during our term but come election time grow Labour's majority to unprecedented heights Thank you."
"the fagnoglin"  Moray Mac Gill Fhaolain MP Aberdeen North 1964-Present

1973-1974 Shadow Secretary of State for Transport
1976-1978 Secretary of State for Transport
1978-1979 Secretary of State for Scotland
1979-1987 Shadow Secretary of State for Workers and Pensions
1992-Present Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Constitutional Affairs & Devolution

fmrly Sean Kapur fmr. Shadow Minister of Environment, Housing, and Ag 

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